Antonio Junior (Miami)

Antonio Junior holds a bachelor’s degree from the University of Miami and an MBA from Florida International University. While an undergraduate student, he successfully balanced his schoolwork with a position as a resident advisor. Responsible for managing 40 college students, he developed leadership skills through both this role and his involvement in social and business organizations on campus. Eager to start his own business, he founded and grew his first company, Diversified Management International, Inc., while getting his degree. A joint venture with Smarte Carte, Inc., at the Miami International Airport, Antonio Junior continues to serves as the company’s CEO and president.

Following the success of his first company, Mr. Junior continued to grow as an entrepreneur. In 2003 he founded Florida Conservation, Inc., a fuel-reclaiming service. The company is partnered with GRS, LLC, a California-based system, and has generated the system’s largest revenue volume. Dedicated to living a conscious lifestyle, he also created 7one, an organization is committed to helping people live in the present. The company’s initiatives include a clothing line, documentary film, and inspirational web series to help spread the word.

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